Roger And Barry – Google Holiday Explosion

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Bari (Italian pronunciation.

He later did homage to Roger II of Sicily,

Charles Henderson explosion. The port of Bari was again struck by disaster on 9 April 1945 when the Liberty ship Charles Henderson exploded in the harbour while offloading 2000 tons of aerial bombs (half of that amount had been offloaded when the explosion occurred.

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The tragedy features in the published memoirs of Roger Ley, who, 40 years ago, was working as a gas turbine mechanic and saw the blast on August 3.

I had not heard the explosion over the noise.

The explosion caught the last lorry in the convoy, hurling it on its side and instantly.

a 29-year-old from London, and his cousin Barry Hudson, from Dingle—went to the shore on the Republic’s side of the border to see what was happening. The pair were partners in Hudson.

The Warrenpoint ambush was a propaganda victory for the IRA.