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She studied with Dr. Kam Yuen himself.

and her acclaimed Now Healing 101 Home Study Course. Global healing is another passion.

rather than energy healing.

Dr. Kam Yuen is a 61 year old grandmaster of Shaolin Kung Fu, Tai Mantis Kung Fu, Tai Chi Chuan and Chi-Kung. He is also a doctor of chiropractic, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. Dr.

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Her extensive research since 1984 has afforded her the great honor to study, assist, and teach with some of the top leaders in the human potential industry such as Kam Yuen, Margot Anand, and Ethel Lombardi. Terry has also studied with Gay and Katie Hendricks, Larry Crane, Stephen Wolinsky, Vernon Wolfe, Brugh Joy, and Ohashi.

Thus does God direct us – all and every one in unfolding His great plan. You will remember reading in lesson seven how God commanded my husband to spread The Message through his well chosen written word to all nations and people and in giving this Home Study Course he is obeying that sacred command.

The Yuen Method is a cutting edge modality developed by Dr. Kam Yuen DC, that can be learned by anyone to instantly delete any physical or psychosomatic issue including pain, injury and illness symptoms, and all life problems on the spot with immediate experience of results & improvement.

Chinese Energetics The Yuen Method of A revolutionary Non‐Touch Non‐Invas.

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