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Training Program to Become a TNSA Spiritualist Minister Do you have a strong desire to help people? As a Spiritualist, have you thought about serving the living as well as those who have transitioned out to the spirit world?

up. Opinionated but not always clear what you want, so you may change your mind to fit in with others. May have difficulty being around children who steal the spotlight. May hide in the corner or be the life of the party. Strong need to belong. May not feel seen, heard or loved. _____ 3. ____Knowledge is really important to you.

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Copyright 2011 Fearless Living Training Program 877-663-3270 www.FearlessLiving.org have different fight, flight or freeze responses to the same type of.

As the head of the Life Coach Certification Program since 2013 – as well as a Master and Mentor Certified Fearless Living Coach herself – Larissa is super-passionate about supporting our Program Candidates in becoming more of who they’re really meant to be, as they discover everything that the LCCP has to offer.

Fearless people succeed because they think, speak and act differently than those who stay stuck and make excuses. People ask me, all the time, how I became bold and courageous. There are a couple of reasons. I was one of ten children; number six from the top. As a young child, I learned to speak up.