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Danavir Sarria.

How To Hire Freelancers To Help Create & Market Your Online Course.

Dive into his blog and get his emails. He sales a product that helps you write better emails. Here is a caveat you should know. Danavir Sarria, the CopyMonk, advocates sending emails daily. This is not for the faint of heart. This works best when you are selling a product.

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Danavir Sarria is the founder of CopyMonk. As a digital marketer and copywriter for 7 years, he’s spent most of his time online working in the cutthroat fitness and self defense industries. Working with small businesses making only 3 figures a month, all the way to partnering with 7 figure business owners on massive projects, Danavir has seen and done many things to help entrepreneurs grow.

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” – Danavir Sarria. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Including a FAQ section on your sales page is a very effective way to increase your course sales. The goal here is to overcome the common objections and concerns that your reader may have.

Danavir Sarria: Ask for 100 Percent Upfront Payment “Unless there is some kind of retainer deal, or it’s a massive project,” says Danavir Sarria of CopyMonk, “I ask for 100 percent of it upfront.” “There have been many times where I’ve been burned or treated unfairly when I didn’t do this,” he says.

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