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Following his recent trip to Seattle to host a Creative Live series – one of the most watched to date, I was able to.

An Exclusive Interview With Pratik Naik. by Zach.

value in what I knew.

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Pratik Naik Photoshop , Retouching , Tips and Education I am so excited to announce that I just released a new retouching education platform, The Retouching Series!

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Pratik Naik retouching series consist of 43 episodes dedicated to different aspects of the high end retouching You can monitor his activity not to miss Pratik Naik workshop in your town. He has been engaged in high end retouching for more than a decade and is willing to share his secrets in a YouTube video.

Pratik Naik, from the Solstice Retouching, is one of the most skilled rusticers in the market today. In this new tutorial, Pratik shows you an analytical approach and your best practices for advanced rtishing: portraiture, skin, men’s pictures, business images, lifestyle and beauty.

I want to make retouching accessible to everyone. I believe anyone can really do this with enough practice and the right education! Framed: What are the continued tutorials? Pratik: Every item in the series is going to be continued, with more content, expanding on the same topics and new ones as well. For instance, at the time of this message I.